So I made a moon pillow for a friend not long ago.  I looked at the site for the baby Moon Pillows and determined it wouldn't be too hard to try and make one.
Here are some shots from the making, if you have questions please email me. 

To start, I used a head pillow from a baby seat I already
 had and adjusted the width and such for the pattern...



Brief instructions:

1) Cut out fabric and have 10" zipper on hand
 (stuffing case(2 layers), cover(2 layers), velcro, velcro sleeves)
2) Sew around case leaving about 4 inches unsewn to turn inside out
3) Add stuffing and hand sew closed
4) Pin and sew on the zipper to the cover fabric
 (I sew the fabric together first where zipper will lay and iron open the seam, 
then sew on the zipper and use your seam ripper to open the
 fabric back up to see the zipper. This blog will show you how.)
5) Sew the Velcro onto the cover and pin velcro sleeves in place, pin cover together
6) Sew around rest of cover
7) Insert stuffed pillow into the cover, zip  :)



  1. Hello, I was wondering if I could have the pattern for this DIY Moon pillow. I want to try to make one for my baby. Thanks =)

    1. Hi Dania! I've updated this post with a Google doc link to the pattern. Congratulations! :) Hope this works out well for your little one!