Sometimes life just gets busy, right?  And it sure has for our family.  After deciding not to list our house to sell and wait a few more months, we have seen the pace slow a bit.  However, I still have much to do for Bible studies (great ones!!!), and am currently working on a workshop that I will be presenting at church for our women's weekend.  I will be sure to post about it and share my info with you!  

In the time being I have a quick share of a fun little project to make a trendy child's scarf, or cowl.  When I saw THIS from Mer Mag I knew I had to try something similar for my sweet girl.

I created this kid style infinity scarf for Ava using an old t-shirt I could no longer wear.  
Cute, right?!  :)




(Shirt was size Small)
(1) Find a shirt and cut off the side seams, (2)and cut 2 rectangles- you will need to measure around your child's neck for how loose you want the scarf to be. (3) Cut off the hem, and (4) sew the ends together, doesn't have to be pretty. (5) fold in half so you cannot see your seams.  DONE!  On to the headband, (6) Cut off part of your sleeve and remove the seam, also remove the hem at the wrist- but save it! (7) Fold your headband fabric in half hot dog style.  ;)   Then sew closed and turn inside-out.  (8) Sew ends together- as I was putting it through my machine I pulled on it and that is why you see so many ruffles before I turned it inside out.  This will allow for the fabric to stretch when the child wears it. 
 Last but not least tie your left over hem into a bow and hand stitch it on!  

*** An even easier way to create this scarf is to cut off the bottom hem of the shirt you chose, measure up how far you want and cut a section of the shirt off leaving the side seams as they are-
stretch a little and put it on your kid!  EASY!  :)
(I wanted the lines on my scarf to be vertical- so I cut it differently.)

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