We all have them, shirts that take up space in our drawers, they hang in the back of our closets, and a pile of them we've deemed worthy only for yard work or working out!  Can you agree?  
I love finding ways to repurpose items I already have but don't use anymore, and I have oodles of shirts.  So I created a document to shared some of my favorite ideas.  You can print and share them too.  No, I did not come up with them on my own- though I wish I had.  :)  

You can check out my t-shirt Pinterest Board for direct links and even more ideas.  

(Pictured below:  Pom-pom, produce bag, necklace/scarf, juggling beanbags, headband, wall art)

I hope you found some fun ideas to try out and get some inspiration for Christmas gifts or decorations!

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