Elf Yourself!

In the past 8 months (thats terrible!) I haven't posted at all!  
In that time we have had a child and moved to a different area, so I have an excuse right?  :)  


Our 2 year old just received an Elf On The Shelf Elf from Grandma and we are starting to have fun with her.  Since our little girl cannot name her yet we're naming her Holly for this season.  

Holly was very creative the other night and showed her computer 
skills on the OfficMax website Elf Yourself!  

What kind of fun is your Elf up to?

Merry Christmas!



Don't you love finding new uses for old things!  As I was about to toss the neck part of a turtle neck I didn't use I thought 'that looks like the right size to fit Ava's waist'...  Then YOGA SKIRT hit my mind!  :)

Since the top portion was made for me all I did was serge it to the top of another piece of fabric!  Keep it even easier and use the bottom of an old t-shirt!  I did alter the width of the bottom of the t-shirt I used.  But aside from that I kept the bottom of the hem on the t-shirt to keep the look finished! 

As I got ready to sew up the skirt, I put the t-shirt portion (inside out) on the inside of the turtle neck.  I then went to my serger and began serging and pulling on the turtle neck material- not the t-shirt.  You can see the stretch in the pictures.  

You can see it works out perfect that the hem will be under the waistband, not itching the child. 

**My child is just over a year old, the short pictured are size 12 months- we have room to grow!  This may or may not work for older children unless you find a large turtle neck at your local goodwill or thrift store!  



Boy or Girl?

So, round two, we try to determine the sex before we find out officially in a week!
We did this with Ava when we were 13 weeks along.  Now we are trying with our next at 18 weeks.  
What do you think?

Directions say to wait for 5 min, so here is our progression starting with the 2 different 
sides of the bottle at the 10 second mark.  
The next set is minutes 1 through 4.  
Finally the last two pictures are the 5 minute mark photographed on both sides.  

So what is your guess.... we honestly have no idea!  Nor do we think this test is at all accurate.  
Ava's test said she would be a boy.  Hmm, do we go with the opposite of what we think it looks like or stick with what it looks like?!  :)

Update to come in a week!  



I Pinned this recently to try out.  And just tried it today!

I did mine slightly different.  
I chose to use iron on interfacing on the back instead and I only made 3 passes around the panel instead of filling it up. 


I made Ava's Easter dress!!!
I love how it turned out, no all we weed is a cute sweater and some ruffle butt tights! ;)

Here is how I started...
Sorry for the terrible pictures here- I had a couple more through the process but can't seem to find them.  Anyway,  I had already made the bottom of the dress in December thinking that it would be for Ava's birthday dress.  I changed my mind though once I got the bottom done and decided it wasn't as 'fun' looking for a birthday girl.  

I added the pipping and created a top portion for the dress with the same sheer material under the dress for the neckline.  I love the look of the sheer at the neckline like some adult dress designs... 
Beautiful and simple!

Not Just an Illusion Dress - Sheer, Short, Black, Solid, Party, A-line, Sleeveless, Prom
dress from Modcloth.com

Here is my final outcome of Ava's Easter dress!

My simple clothing label in action! 

She's ready for Easter Sunday in the Lord's house!  


Something fun!

I recently received a roll of ribbon with my initials on it for my sewing labels from my mother-in-law!  I had this on my wishlist and was so excited to get it for Christmas.  I found the idea on pinterest of course.  Someone had pinned THIS website and I thought it would make great inexpensive labels for things I make!  



Alright, alright, I know its been forever!

Ava is loving her kitchen and learning just how to 'pretend' to use it at only 14 months old! 
Too cute!

Some news that brings on ~The Next Big Thing~ project is that we are expecting an addition to the family!!  September will start the sleepless nights all over again! :) 

Ava Just turned one and will soon be moving up to a big girl bed.  This means I have until the next baby gets here to make her a QUILT for her new bed!  I love this design by Steph over at Steph's Stuff and I think it will be best for my first time making a quilt.  I ordered the color scheme below to work with.  
 Love the warm colors, seems like Ava's personality too. 

I will be posting my progress as I work on ...
The Next big Thing!