I made Ava's Easter dress!!!
I love how it turned out, no all we weed is a cute sweater and some ruffle butt tights! ;)

Here is how I started...
Sorry for the terrible pictures here- I had a couple more through the process but can't seem to find them.  Anyway,  I had already made the bottom of the dress in December thinking that it would be for Ava's birthday dress.  I changed my mind though once I got the bottom done and decided it wasn't as 'fun' looking for a birthday girl.  

I added the pipping and created a top portion for the dress with the same sheer material under the dress for the neckline.  I love the look of the sheer at the neckline like some adult dress designs... 
Beautiful and simple!

Not Just an Illusion Dress - Sheer, Short, Black, Solid, Party, A-line, Sleeveless, Prom
dress from Modcloth.com

Here is my final outcome of Ava's Easter dress!

My simple clothing label in action! 

She's ready for Easter Sunday in the Lord's house!  

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  1. So so precious.
    I love your hooks to hang entire outfits on. I might need to look into something like that.