Boy or Girl?

So, round two, we try to determine the sex before we find out officially in a week!
We did this with Ava when we were 13 weeks along.  Now we are trying with our next at 18 weeks.  
What do you think?

Directions say to wait for 5 min, so here is our progression starting with the 2 different 
sides of the bottle at the 10 second mark.  
The next set is minutes 1 through 4.  
Finally the last two pictures are the 5 minute mark photographed on both sides.  

So what is your guess.... we honestly have no idea!  Nor do we think this test is at all accurate.  
Ava's test said she would be a boy.  Hmm, do we go with the opposite of what we think it looks like or stick with what it looks like?!  :)

Update to come in a week!  

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