Don't you love finding new uses for old things!  As I was about to toss the neck part of a turtle neck I didn't use I thought 'that looks like the right size to fit Ava's waist'...  Then YOGA SKIRT hit my mind!  :)

Since the top portion was made for me all I did was serge it to the top of another piece of fabric!  Keep it even easier and use the bottom of an old t-shirt!  I did alter the width of the bottom of the t-shirt I used.  But aside from that I kept the bottom of the hem on the t-shirt to keep the look finished! 

As I got ready to sew up the skirt, I put the t-shirt portion (inside out) on the inside of the turtle neck.  I then went to my serger and began serging and pulling on the turtle neck material- not the t-shirt.  You can see the stretch in the pictures.  

You can see it works out perfect that the hem will be under the waistband, not itching the child. 

**My child is just over a year old, the short pictured are size 12 months- we have room to grow!  This may or may not work for older children unless you find a large turtle neck at your local goodwill or thrift store!  

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