So this past weekend a friend asked me to make some things for her handsome baby boy.  They happen to be Steelers fans- does that shed some light on my post title?  As I was walking around Joanns with Steelers fabric in my cart I got many dirty looks, and negative comments(all looks and comments were teasing)!!!  One man who was with his wife commented, "Of all the fabrics I have to look at while in here, ugh, Steelers fans!"  Who knew there would be so many anti-Steelers fan there that day!  ;)

 I saw this picture floating around on pinterest and decided I just had to try and make one for myself.  Please check out snugasabugbaby.com for a link to her etsy shop so you can get one if you don't sew!  Anyway, below I will show you how I made the Steelers playmat purse. 

Awesome right!?  Lets get started...

First things first- Here is what I bought:
*1.5 yds of a strong fabric
this will be the bottom of playmat and outside of purse

*1.5 yds of fleece (I have also used another strong fabric)
this will be the top of playmat and inside of purse

1 small rally towel for center (I have also used velvet-like fabric on another)
this item is totally optional- I liked the idea of a soft center to the playmat
if you don't use a fabric like the photo above

1/4 or 1/2 yd of fabric for handles (depends on print)
you can see the yellow fabric I am using below-
I am planning on cutting the fabric so the handles show the words

 Items I used that were not bought:
small amount of interfacing for button holes
(also use some for the back of fleece/towel to prevent waves)
cutting mat
pencil and string
chop stick
sewing machine  :)

In the picture above you can see the fabric and some things I am using.  I folded the backing fabric in 1/4's (bottom of playmat).  Then used some ribbon/string and tied it to a pencil and used that to measure and mark where my circle was to be cut.  You can see where I cut the fabric- I will do the same for the fleece material.  I also cut out the rally towel circle by measuring 3 inches from the outside edge of the logo at multiple points. The next picture shows the towel centered and pinned on the fleece.

After pinning the towel I used a very tight zigzag stitch all the way around. You will notice I have some waves going on- This happens to us all as we are learning!  I know better now that I need to reinforce the back of the fleece with some good interfacing- noted for next project, I will not
 be picking out all those stitches this time!  :) 
 Learn from me, use interfacing!

**Next post will be handles, button holes, and stitching to enclose the playmat purse.

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