So we are continuing with buttonholes and the rest of assembling the playmat purse.  If you didn't see the previous post click here (part 1)  for the first part instructions.  I do not have step by step detailed instructions- so if you have questions please email me!  

If your machine has a buttonhole menu select it!  Then determine what kind of stitch you need based on the fabric you are using.  

I chose to use (6) for stretch fabric.  Now here is where I went wrong with the entire project- it helps to sleep more when you are making something with many steps.  ;)  I should have been getting ready to put these button holes in the bottom fabric, but alas I put them in the top fabric and didn't catch myself until I was done!  Oh well, I guess I used my creative problem solving skills well. 

Continuing on,  I have my button foot measure the strap to be sure I have selected the correct opening size.

I sew up my buttonholes with some of the interfacing on the back to strengthen the opening.  Use your seem ripper to carefully open up the hole.  

I think fray check is what I need, but I just use some clear nail polish to keep the threads in place for sure! :)

Ok, holes are done on one side, now lay down the blanket and line up the opposite side to mark where the others should be.  *Remember I am still unaware that I have messed up so this step should be happening on the bottom(black) fabric, not the fleece. 

With the holes done lay down both the top and bottom fabrics together and pin in place.

Sew along using some point on your machine for reference to keep your stitches lines up with the edge. You can see I am lining the black fabric up with the inside clear 
edge on my foot, with my needle sewing on the left.  That's roughly a 1/4 inch seem allowance.

Next, I am ready to turn it inside out and check my edges.  I can make adjustments here and there before I close up the playmat.  If everything looks good I trim the fleece edge and turn the whole thing inside out.

Sew around the top, making sure to keep the foot lined up with your fabric.

And this is what I have so far!  I have fixed my error by adding another buttonhole next to the ones I did previously.  This allows me to keep the handle on the outside like planned.

*Next post will be handles, and finishing touches!  

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