Almost done! 
 (If you did not see the first part of the tutorial please click   part 1  or  part 2 . )

I cut my fabric so I could double fold it in.  So I needed to piece about 3 parts together to have a long enough handle to go all the way around. You can see where I ironed for easy sewing.

Once the handle is complete, I set it down on the mat and determined how wide a space to sew for the encasing of the handle.  I also used the metal part of my sewing machine as a guide to be sure I wasn't making this too wide or narrow. 

With the mat done I grabbed my chopstick and pulled the end of the handle over it like I was going to turn the handle fabric inside out.  Did that make sense?  :)  I don't want it to slip off when I pass the handle through to the other side.

Push through to opposite side of mat.

Do the same with the other end of the handle pushing it through to the other side.  Here you will have both ends and you will secure them just the same as you did piecing the handle together a few steps ago- be sure to cut off extra before connecting them.  

And we are done!!!  

We now have a soft playmat for a precious little boy- or future girl I suppose! 

Football season is almost here isn't it?  

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