A beach essentials bag...what are the essentials you ask?  
In my opinion the cell, nook, sunscreen, and keys are!  

I was preparing to take a girls weekend trip to the beach with some very lovely ladies from my Sunday school class.  Upon seeing THIS beach pouch I decided I had to create my own!  

So here goes!
I first decided on some fun fabric, colorful zipper, and pipping.  All of which I had on hand.  
I choose my shape and then got started with cutting and sewing. 

All pieces cut out and ready 
(yes I did make my own fabric by cutting strips and
 sewing them together for the outside of the tote)

I have taken and sewn up my strap, you can make one how ever you want, I chose to sew 2 pieces of fabric together and then turn right side out and stitch the edges.  I then sewed my zipper into its fabric, and attached the piping and edge fabric to one side of my outside fabric.

same step as previous picture but from the 'outside'

Next I sewed up the inside lining with the yellow fabric.
Then added pipping to the other outside fabric.

I have attached the yellow lining to my zippered area and am preparing to add the outside to the tote.  And here is where things got super confusing!!!  I cannot even tell you how I managed this... I enclosed the whole thing and realized that was bad since I could no longer turn the tote inside out.  Duh. So I think that is when I got my seem ripper and opened part of the bottom of both parts, then turned inside out and finished off somehow- all I know is that it works now!  ;)  

Hence why I am not bothering with a more detailed tutorial of this bag!  
I am sure there is an easier way to make this than what I did! 

There you have it a little beach tote, that resembles an easter egg-
 totally wasn't going for that, oh well!

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