I am starting to feel a little like I am getting closer to taking a test that I still haven't studied for.  Do you know that feeling?  Procrastination just keeps winning you over and the dreaded nervous feeling is creeping ever closer!   :)   I have no tests to study for, thank goodness.  But I have a very busy fall!   I have been wanting to get back into a consistent Bible study for some time since having a baby almost 9 months ago. So like a crazy person I got overly excited about all my opportunities and now I am doing 3 studies, all with a fair amount of 'studying' (aka hmk).  I will be in the Word 24/7.  :)

I have also said yes to leading a crafty workshop at church for a conference so I need to get on making my project examples and directions for everything!  Brings out the art teacher in me.  :)   Slip covering chairs is something I have never done and something I have also committed to for this fall for 2 friends.  Should be interesting, I like learning new adventures!  

Brantley and I have also been seriously thinking/planning/praying about putting our house up for sale with in the next month or so maybe.  Children require a lot of material things that take up a crazy amount of house space- so we have no room to have more children until we move! 

Christmas is coming up.  Can you believe it!?  I know its only Sept, but still!  Ava will be ONE already!!!  Where has a year gone?  
I can't think about that when I haven't even gotten to halloween- 
I love halloween, and costumes are not done yet!  

I think I am over thinking everything, what do you think?  ;)  

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be 
anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.
Matthew 6:34 (ESV)

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