So, have you seen those DIY kid kitchens?!  They are amazing!  Here are a couple of my favorites in case you have no idea what I am talking about.  

My favorite one! HERE
Love this too! HERE
So fun! HERE

Can I say inspiration!?   :)  Here is my start to making one for my sweet girl- though she isn't quite at the age for this yet I don't think it is too early to make it.   

I stopped by our local Habitat store and browsed the cupboards, night stands, and other small tables.  I came up with 2 vertical cabinets that were about 12 inches wide and 30 inches tall, I paired that with the opened face shelf that was also 30 inches long.

The faucet I had to splurge on because it was cool and it had the words hot and cold on the handles- not just the colors.   

The fabric you see could be slightly on the hideous side, but I am really liking the crazy colors and am thinking of using it for my color inspiration for the kitchen.  Maybe a hand towel and an apron?
Some curtains?  :)  Who knows!

I will post the process and end product sometime late December or early January.
We are going up north to see Papa, Grammy, and Uncle Mike soon.  Papa and Uncle Mike are going to help us create it!

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