We are done!!!

So, if you remember we started with the above cabinets, inspiration fabric, and faucet. (first post)  All, excluding fabric, were purchased at our local Habitat for Humanity.  We drew up plans and went to work creating what is one super cool kitchen!

Papa is letting Ava try to contribute a little work on her kitchen.  ;)

You can see the progress in our slideshow video of beginning to end. Only parts we still have to attach are the towel bar on the sink end and the phone holder on the fridge end.  :)  

Details you may not notice from our pictures are lights in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. We can change out the window pictures and use magnets on the refrigerator door. There are wire closet racks cut to fit as oven shelves, plexy glass for the range with pin striping on the range where the pans are 'heated'.  We also used stickers for the microwave buttons and numbers.

She LOVES her kitchen!!!

Thank you Papa and Uncle Mike for making my kitchen so GREAT!!!  

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